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You need:

  • Go 1.18+
  • Docker

Local testing

Run make snapshot - this will create a dist dir that contains the bundled artifacts. The command also builds the required docker images locally, but doesn't push them

Release a new version

  • Create a changelog and fill in necessary information for the release: make changelog
  • Make sure the workspace is clean: git status
  • Once the workspace is clean, run make next to see the next computed version
  • If everything fits, run make tag - this will create and push a new tag
  • Next, run make release


error=git tag v0.2.0 was not made against commit $COMMIT

This happens if you pushed a tag and then made new changes before running make release. This can be solved running the following commands after cleaning the workspace:

  • make delete-tag
  • make tag
  • make release

Last update: November 10, 2022